Welcome to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting® Information Sharing Website

This site is the dynamic-information brother to the NCCS website. The nccs-bsa.org website contains information for the general public on our emblems, awards, activities, and committee reports. Although the information does change over time, time is measured in years.

At the present time, the Information Sharing website offers two vehicles for sharing information. The first is an electronic newsletter that we are calling the eBridge. It is our intent to "publish" the newsletter monthly and for it to contain time-sensitive deadlines, late-breaking announcements, and special interest information at the national, regional, and local level. Articles and announcements can be submitted to the editor at nccsnews@nccs-bsa.info. The deadline for articles is seven days before the end of the month. We reserve the right to edit information for clarity and not publish information if we feel it does not meet the needs of the reading audience. Click on the eNewsletters Registration link on the top menu bar to register for this newsletter.

As of January 2008, a second eNewsletter is available. Scout Chaplains Newsletter publishes information from the NCCS Chaplain's Committee on an as-needed basis. The newsletter targets information for chaplains from the unit level all the way to the NCCS Standing Committee chaplain advisors, but anyone can register for the newsletter.

NOTE: The eNewsletters Registration pages have a different look as it is a third-party application.

The second vehicle is a sharing forum that can be accessed from the eBridge Archives link on the top menu. This section gives you reader access to the eBridge archives. If you visited in the past, there were also sections where you can pose questions to the Standing Committee chairs. Since no one used them in over a year, we decided to not include these sections when we moved to a new server. Should interest arise again, they will be added back.
NOTE: The Information Board has a different look as it is a third-party application.

Come back to this site often, as we provide more content and interaction opportunities to help you spread the word that Scouting is Youth Ministry.


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November 4, 2007

Updated January 17, 2009